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Jo Loiterton

1 December 2019

Acting Rektor of UWC Red Cross Nordic

Originally from Australia,  Jo is the Deputy Rektor at RCN,  and also teaches IB Psychology. Jo is both an educator and a psychologist and holds advanced degrees in music education, educational leadership and psychology from the University of Sydney,  University of New South Wales, University of New England and Charles Sturt University.

Jo has worked in international schools for the past 15 years in both Asia and Europe as counselor, college counselor, teacher and school administrator.  She believes that education is a tool for building a positive future and that every opportunity presented to us, is an opportunity to learn and grow together.

In her spare time Jo likes to hike and be in the outdoors, or tucked up in front of a fire with her knitting, her ukulele, or a good book (or not-so-good but equally fulfilling science fiction or fantasy novel). Jo is joined at RCN by her husband Mark, who teaches Theatre and Language & Literature.