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What we do

UWC National Committees

The UWC Educational Group is represented by National Volunteer Committees in more than 140 countries, including Côte d'Ivoire. This unique system allows students to be selected within their community and their own socio-cultural environment, taking into account local specificities and favoring diversity.
National Committees, when they exist, are the only ones entitled to represent UWC in the country concerned.

UWC Ivory Coast Oukaba

Created in 2011, the UWC Ivory Coast Association, also known as "Oukaba", is a voluntary organization responsible for recruiting and selecting Ivorian students wishing to attend a UWC high school. UWC CI Oukaba provides support and advice to students and their families during the selection process, during and after UWC. We articulate and make relevant the UWC's mission and values ​​in the Ivorian context.

Since its creation, UWC CI Oukaba has placed prestigious Ivorian students in the following institutions:

  • UWC Adriatic, Duino, Italy
  • UWC Costa Rica
  • UWC Mahindra, Pune, Inde
  • UWC Maastritch, Netherlands
  • UWC Pearson College, Victoria, Canada
  • UWC Red Cross Nordic, Flekke, Norway
  • UWC Japan

Selection committee:
The selection committee is made up of the leaders of the association, parents or alumni who are co-opted each year, but also teachers, teachers or professional coaches.

Meetings are organized to allow new recruits to get to know the UWC CI Oukaba community and to promote networking and mentoring opportunities.